Crypto Glossary

Altcoin – Alternate coin, generally any coin after the launch of Bitcoin from a purist point of view

ATH – All-time High. Meaning the coin has reached new high prices that was never hit before

Blockchain – Distributed ledgers which is secured using cryptography, and records transactions between two parties in a verifiable and permanent way

Bullish – Expecting price to increaseBearishExpecting price to decrease

Decentralization – Too long, read here  :p

Exchange – Platforms (websites) where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies

FA – Fundamental Analysis. Using news or fundamentals of a company/project/coin/technology to predict which way the market will move next

Fiat – Government-issued currency such as paper bills and coins, eg USD, EUR

FOMO – Fear of missing out

Fork – A tool with two or more prongs used to lift food to the mouth. No I’m kidding. In simple terms, it just means when a single cryptocurrency splits in two, due to a result of the existing code being changed, resulting in an old and new version

FUD – Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Kind of the opposite of Shill, negative advertising or news (which are usually baseless) by someone in an effort to make the price of a coin drop

GAS – A measurement of process power required by ethereum network to process a transaction

Hash – The act of performing a hash function on the output data. This is used for confirming coin transactions

Hodl – Someone got drunk on the Bitcoin forum and typo’d Hold into Hodl. Basically it means to hold and not sell. Today, some say it means “Hold On for Dear Life”

ICO – Initial Coin Offering, where startups or companies issue a new token that have created. Similar to an IPO in the stocks world

Limit Order – Orders placed by traders to buy or sell when the price target is met

Market Order – An immediate purchase or sale at the current market price on the exchange

MEW – My Ether Wallet

Mining – The process of trying to solve the next block in the blockchain and requires processing power, but in return is rewarded with coins

Moon/Mooning – To mean that the price is rising to crazy levels (to the moon!)

Multisig – Multi-Signature, which means having more than one signature to approve a transaction = better security

Node – A computer/server that possesses a copy of the blockchain and is maintaining it

Pump and Dump – A scheme where the development team, traders or whales hype up a coin and buy the coins quickly in a short time (pump), leading to a fast price increase, and then cashing out (dump) when everyone else starts to buy to earn a profit, causing a huge crash

ROI – Return on Investment

SegWit – Segregated Witness, where the block size limit on a blockchain is increased by removing the digital signature data and moving it to the end of a transaction to free up capacity

Shill – Advertising or marketing a coin excessively in an effort to get more people to buy the coin, hence driving the price up

TA – Technical Analysis. Using historical data and current charts in order to predict which way the market will move next

Whale – A very rich person, capable of buying ridiculous amounts of cryptocurrencies, and in doing so, able to move or impact the price

Whitepaper – Basically the ‘prospectus’ of a project, usually during the launch of a new coin/token at ICO

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