Coinmarketcap – I usually come here to check out the Exchanges, as well as other data

Coinscanner – User-friendly calculator to help you find the coins you want at the best prices

Coingecko – Charts, data and more

Shapeshift – This is a really cool platform that can swap your coins (for eg, swapping ETH to XRP). The highlight is that you can do all these without an account there. Their reddit support is also very active and top-notch. However, the variety of coins that you can swap varies a lot, depending on their available supply.

Changelly – Similar to Shapeshift, but you do need to have an account. They claim to have the best crypto-to-crypto rates on the market, thanks to their trading robots.

Coinexchange – Again, similar to all the other coin swapping platform above. However, the highlight of this one is that it has many many coins, even the lesser known ones and launched  post-ICO coins.


Portfolio Trackers






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